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Our Commitment to Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship and Economic Sustainability Principles
Guiding Implementation of the
North Lake Tahoe Tourism and Community Investment Master Plan

The environment of Lake Tahoe and the North Lake Tahoe area is a public resource that serves as our home and source of livelihood. Given the millions of state and federal dollars that continue to be invested to help protect and enhance the environment and special qualities of our region, the North Shore must remain a welcoming place for a diverse population of full- and part-time residents, property owners, and visitors. This perspective is central to our decision-making as we respond to internal and external pressures on our community and environment.

The essential qualities of clean water, fresh air, scenic beauty, open space, abundant plant and animal life, and opportunities for public recreation are elements that attract residents and visitors to the region. Maintaining and enhancing these qualities and assuring access to them is of primary importance for our economic and environmental health and well-being.

It is the right and responsibility of all individuals and organizations in the North Lake Tahoe region to practice Environmental Stewardship - the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care. Implementation of the Master Plan should be founded on leadership and advocacy in support of environmental stewardship as a way to help ensure economic sustainability.

The small-mountain-town character of North Lake Tahoe and its individual communities is an asset and should be retained and celebrated. Each community in the region has a distinct character. All projects, including Master Plan projects, should respect and enhance that character.

The Master Plan intends to target investments in projects and programs that improve the availability, functionality, and appearance of our community and visitor amenities and services. Projects should always incorporate appropriate environmental and community improvements.

To the maximum extent possible, publicly funded marketing efforts should focus on encouraging visitation during other than peak periods when our area's social and physical infrastructure is challenged.

We will advocate and support environmentally- and economically-sustainable solutions to the traffic congestion issues that negatively impact our community. This includes promotion of pedestrian-oriented development patterns that reduce reliance on the automobile.

Redevelopment is a key mechanism to aesthetically, environmentally and socially improve an area. Redevelopment opportunities will continue to be explored and supported.

It is recognized that a successful, sustainable tourism economy needs to be carefully planned, developed, and managed, as well as promoted.

(Master Plan, Chapter 2, pages 47-48)